Ozone Cancer Therapyozone-cancer-therapy-atlantis-salud-spa Ozone Cancer Therapy has become a tremendous addition in the Cancer Treating World. It is also referred in Alternative Cancer Therapies. It has series of applications in other treatments as well but it has a significant mark in the Cancer Treatment. And it can literally be entitled as “The Miracle Medicine” What is Ozone? Ozone is an inorganic molecule with the chemical formula of O3. It’s a tri-atomic molecule of Oxygen (also its allotropic form). It is a pale blue gas with a distinctively pungent smell. It has many applications in Medicine especially in AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer. Its basic application is to increase oxygen level in human body.

Ref: Wikipedia.com Ozone Therapy: Ozone Therapy is an alternative treatment to treat Cancer. It is a special form of oxygen used to kill and stunt the growth of cancer cells.

Figure 1: Structural Formula of Ozone

Figure 1: Structural Formula of Ozone

How it works: Oxygen usually prefers to come in pairs: O2. However, oxygen occasionally comes as a triad: O3. O3 or Ozone is much less stable than O2. O3 is looking for an opportunity to become O2 plus singlet oxygen (O). When this happens, singlet oxygen, O, combines with singlet oxygen and forms O2 again. If no singlet oxygen is available, O combines with other surrounding molecules. This is called “oxidation,” and this form of oxygen is particularly hard on killing outright faulty cells and parasites. Ozone is administered rectally, intravenously and aurally (infusion into the ear canal allowing the ozone to absorb through the ear drum).

Ref: The 13 Major Effects of Cancer Oxygen Ozone on the Human Body – By Dr. Frank Shallenberger Top Ozone

Delivery Methods: There are many procedures and ways to deliver ozone to your body, but the most effective ones, which are used World Wide are below: Re-circulatory autohemo perfusion: Also known as polyatomic aphaeresis. Dirty, dark, diseased blood is taken out of one arm and ozonated with 27 mcg/ m13 ozone, and filtered, outside the body. Then the remaining clean, bright red, freshly sterilized and oxygenated blood is put back into the other arm. IV slow injections of the 03 gas: Ten-cc syringes filled with 27mcg/ml3 ozone are used, one at a time, and refilled as needed, until you begin to get a chest, or throat, tickle or cough. Autohemotherapy: This involves withdrawing approximately 600 ml of blood and re-infusing it into the body after gently putting 27mcg/ml3 ozone into it.

Ref: Ed McCabe (Writer of “Ozone vs. AIDS and Cancer” & with 12 year of experience in research and studies of Ozone Cancer Therapies). Is it safe?

In 1980, The German Medical Society issued a report according to which the side effect rate observed was only .000005 per application. The report also stated “The majority of adverse effects were caused by ignorance about ozone therapy (operator error).” Ref: The 13 Major Effects of Cancer Oxygen Ozone on the Human Body – By Dr. Frank Shallenberger

My interview with DrPablo CEO and Ozone Cancer Therapist

When we interviewed DrPablo, who has 15 years of experience in the Alternative Cancer Therapies and is now CEO of Atlantis Salud Spa, Alternative Therapies Hospital also speaks highly of Ozone Cancer Therapy. The first thing to keep in mind is that not all ozone treatment is the same, Mr. Rana said and the effectiveness of any ozone treatment increases with:

1. The number of times it is given per day or week.
2. The strength of the concentrations used.

3. The quantities applied, and the delivery methods used.

For example: 50 ccs of ozonated blood re-injected into you in a clinic every other week is nowhere near as effective as drinking ozonated water or if you have ozone in the rectum at home every day.
Ill also comment on the almost no cost to doing this at home and the benefit’s are many, for many ailments. Said Paul Rana.

Most Important: Quantity, concentration and frequency are the keys. The aim is to safely and comfortably flood the body with oxygen by slowly building it up as you detoxify. The key to a good practitioner in ozone cancer therapy or any treatment with ozone is experience and know how. DrPablo has experience in all the above applications and has operated without incident for all those years.


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