gcmap-stage4-cancer-therapyGc-MAF Cancer Treatment and Cancer Therapy
Gc-MAF is your body’s own artillery against diseases. All healthy people have natural GcMAF inside them – it removes a number of diseases from the body including cancer without side effects. The immune system doesn’t function without it.
The GcMAF in our bodies has six attacks on cancer, and 5 other direct effects that research publications have shown so far. Without the GcMAF we make inside us every day, we would all have died of diseases while still children.

What is Gc-MAF?
It is a human protein. One week’s GcMAF looks like a small raindrop. If properly produced it is perfectly sterile, and a most ethical course for doctors.
GcMAF is therefore a replacement therapy for those who can’t make their own. Taking GcMAF replaces the missing part of the immune system, and also acts as the body’s own internal medicine.
GcMAF is extracted and isolated; it’s a 24 step process, and at the end it must have tests to prove its sterility and activity. (If it does not come with published tests, it’s probably not GcMAF.) One GcMAF has been tested in universities, laboratories and clinics, where, as a result of the testing, consistent activity and sterility have always been found, and been the subject of 40 scientific research papers.

What makes its production low?
Serious illnesses like cancer prevent production of your GcMAF, which also neutralizes your immune system, so the disease can grow unchecked.

How it works against Cancer?
Your GcMAF empowers your body to cure itself. In a healthy person your own GcMAF has 11 actions discovered so far, including two on cells, three excellent effects on the brain, and 6 on cancer. Among these it acts as a “director” of your immune system. But viruses and malignant cells like cancer send out an enzyme called Nagalase that prevents production of your GcMAF: that stops its 11 beneficial effects, and neutralizes your immune system. So diseases become chronic, and cancer cells grow unchecked.
Minutes after a receiving a dose, 10 of the body’s actions restart. In three weeks of two GcMAF 0.25ml doses a week, your immune system is rebuilt to above normal strength. You need two doses a week for typically 24 weeks for many diseases and early cancers, up to seven one ml doses a week and a year for stage 4 cancers. Your body then takes the disease down without side effects, and successfully in 80% of cases -depending upon how well you follow the protocol under “Treatment Protocol”.

Gc-MAF Therapy- Treatment of Cancer and Other Diseases:
The GcMAF Conference 2013 showed GcMAF is a far more powerful molecule than thought, both in terms of the science, and doctors’ results. In stage 4 cancer, some doctors who use the full protocol, listed on “Treatment Strategies,” are saving every patient (if they have not had chemotherapy.) Success can be achieved with all tumor cancers including breast, lung, prostate, pancreatic and melanoma.
GcMAF can eradicate chronic inflammation and viral infections. It is better than antibiotics in many areas, and 25% successful with Autism, 50% or more with:
• Chronic Herpes,
• Chronic Acne,
• Chronic cirrhosis of the liver,
• Chronic kidney disease,
• Chronic depression,
• Colitis,
• Crohn’s,
• Fibromyalgia,
• Hepatitis,
• Herpes,
• Osteoporosis,
• Periodontal disease,
• Psoriasis and various types of Immune dysfunction including allergies.

Research shows GcMAF can halt deterioration in Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis (MS), dementia and ALS, and in its role of immune system regulator, can reverse diseases that attack the immune system like Lupus and Arthritis. And is effective with wound healing. It’s successful with tumor cancers, and some others.

DrPablo’s Advice and review
When we discussed Gc-MAF therapy with Dr. Paul, who has 15 years of experience with Alternating Cancer Therapies, he explained its crucial role in cancer treatment. He said it works synergistically with other Alternative Cancer Therapies and helps give the best results.
Having an immune system running on all cylinders makes sense, looking at cancer like a race, you want everything to operating at an optimum level. Evan the best new car will not run with-out a $2.50 spark plug. Although this product is expensive, the amount used is tiny and just as important to the body as a little spark plug is to a car. Combining therapies is our point of difference, and when we have the trial of 100 people, you will see also what we believe, our point o difference is outstanding results.

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