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Hello and thank you for contacting us.


If you register on our mail list, you will receive an email soon, and up to 30 over the next two months. Teaching you about Alternative Therapies.

You may also get invited to a Live Webinars by Dr Pablo!


If you completed the FREE CONSULTATION FORM on the below link

You will receive an email with-in 24 hours with a link to DROPBOX


You install dropbox, then download the folder. We recommend on your desktop.

Only what is in that folder we can see and any instructions we write for you, you will see. It is a shared folder between the two of us, the client and doctor only.

For privacy reasons, we do not like medical information to be emailed.


In that DROPBOX folder is an APPLICATION FORM giving us all your medical history.

With this information and all your medical reports, our team will talk about your case and then set up a time to call you. This call can be very productive if you have completed the form and put in the folder all scans, reports and blood work.


The call should be with both the client and family/partner, it is best all questions are answered by our team. It is impossible for one person to remember an hour chat and then answer family questions correctly.


We use WhatsApp   +593993919977, Dr. Pablo, When you add us to your contacts, please send your name, phone number in the first message.

SKYPE                 Atlantis-Salud


Spanish Nurse Karina

Phone for an appointment, Local - 0989195124, International - +593989195124

 Our medical team talks both English and Spanish.



Catch up soon,

The Atlantis Team

Dr Pablo.

Aviso médico

Consulte a su médico para cualquier consejo médico. Si cree que tiene una emergencia médica, consulte a su médico inmediatamente o marque el 911.



USA Call:                             18778911368
Outside USA Call: +1  18778911368
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Skype       Atlantis-Salud by appointment

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