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Alternative Cancer Health Retreat

Natural Retreat Facility With nice accommodation & if needed 24 Hour Care

If traditional treatments fail, you may have other options, contact us for a Free Consultation today?

Let our team take away the confusion Natural Therapies, Medical Recovery Respite and Pain Relief Treatment at the Beautiful


Dr. Pablo NP. Founder & CEO

The founder Paul also referred to as Dr. Pablo Rana NP. has spent the last two decades working with cancer patients. He founded the largest cancer practice in Australia which was eventually closed down because the government took legal action against the clinic because of its success in “alternative medicine”.

Publish and promote the excitement of the results of people who achieved success, while in the trade, this is not legal. For people to talk about their live events that have become cancer free. Publications on the website and testimonies of people who told their story and experience, are not legal in the AU.

He refused to give details of his whole plan, a very big plan as he believes even to this day, his goals are not there business, so you can say he did not co-operate with, and answer questions and as a result was jailed.

The questions were... How many employees do you have? In that company zero. What is your bank account for this company. We do not have one that I know of. Sales? Zero as it had not started trading yet. AND SO ON....

Like so many before him and after him, people who choose to make a positive change in the health and wellness none drug industry are often criticized and closed down because the traditional system has too much influence over policies and governments.

This type of thing has also happened in the USA with some alternative doctors being closed down or forced out of alternative medical practice. The American Medical Association (AMA) is powerful enough to sabotage competition in this way. The legal challenges do not make sense and is designed only to exhaust funding for any challenge.

Paul prefers to be called Pablo; Paul in Spanish. His clients call him Dr. Pablo for over ten years, and it has stuck. He is a naturopath, well researched and lots of hands on experience and not an MD Doctor. Pablo and his team chose to open this new spa in Ecuador to avoid government harassment in doing alternative healing work as well as the desire to make cancer treatment more affordable. The cost of staff in Australia was over $20K per week, in South America for the same staff it is that amount per month, including all staff costs.

Most alternative treatment world-wide are not covered by insurance, so it was important to find a location that truly makes a difference financially for the patient. For instance, the going rate for a medical doctor in Australia is over $2 to 5,000 per week while in South America under $1000 per week.

Dr. Pablo is the driving visionary, founder, and CEO of Atlantis Salud Spa S.A. Health Retreat & he sold and opened the first Franchise January 2019 in Salinas, a wellness franchise. The first step!

His goal is to provide safety and aggressive holistic clinical care at an affordable price to people who are seeking naturopathic intervention for any health challenges.

Pablo has over 20 years’ experience with IV nutritional cancer therapies and has traveled the globe in search for successful alternative therapies to add to his repertoire. His philosophy is leave no stone un turned to save a life!

Pablo is a practicing Christian, Seventh Day Adventist and dedicated family man with 2 sons and a 15 year old step daughter and in June his 5th grandson was born with the possible news of another on the way.


Dr. Leo Morales

Dr. Leo Morales, born in the city of Guayaquil.

Dr. Leo is experience in intra and extra hospital care of second level. He worked as an Intern in the Teaching Hospital of the city of Portoviejo Verdi Cevallos Balda. A Primary Health Care Doctor in the General Movil Unit and Health Center of San Marcos belonging to the Province of Santa Elena, as well as Resident Doctor in the Basic Manglaralto Public Hospital with experience in the Emergency area, that included training in emergency Surgery, Hospitalization and Labor Room.

He worked as a field interviewer on contraceptive methods and medical supplies in the company Datanalisis belonging to the city of Guayaquil.

Dr Leo is married with Dr. Grace, a physician in Primary Health Care and they have a daughter who is 3 years old going on 6 lol.

He started working with the Atlantis Team in 2017 part time and over the two years gained a lot of experience and in 2019 we are happy to announce he is joining our team full time.

He loves this work and looks forward to helping you, our next client.


Dr. José Díaz

Casual - Part Time Atlantis Doctor

Dr. José Díaz, of Venezuelan nationality, born in Valencia, Carabobo state. Currently, residency in Salinas.

I am a doctor graduated from the University of Carabobo of Venezuela, in the year 2013. There, I obtained the title under the mention of Surgeon.

My work experience began as a resident doctor in the emergency room of adults and pediatrics, ICU ward and operating room in different clinics and hospitals in my native country, including: La Viña Clinic, Los Jarales Clinic, Venezuela Clinic, Military Hospital Cervellón Urbina and the José Francisco Díaz Outpatient Clinic.

In addition, I had the opportunity to take Advanced Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation courses in Venezuela.

Now, I have 2 years and 6 months of work experience at the Granados Hospital in Ecuador, as a resident in the emergency room for adults and pediatrics, a resident doctor in the operating room and inpatient ward.

I am part of the great team of ATLANTIS professionals since 2019. Throughout these months, I have gained experience for the proper diagnosis, care and specific treatment of patients who visit us every day.

I feel great satisfaction working in this health center full time, meeting the needs required by patients.


Nurse Juan Vascones RN with pre-Atlantis experience in emergency

Casual - Part Time on call at Atlantis

Nurse Juan Vascones, born in La Libertad in the province of Santa Elena.

I have nursing experience in several areas within the health area such as hospitalization, intensive care unit, operating room and especially in the emergency area. I have practices carried out in 3 clinics in which we are moving in all areas.

I acquired a lot of experience in 6 months of work in the Granados S.A Clinic where my official area was Emergency.

I met Dr Pablo when he was with a client 24 hours in a local hospital. He explained to me the different therapies offered at his health spa and I was very impressed by what a great job opportunity would be. After reading and reviewing his work, I applied for a job and here I am, very happy and loving this work and the care we offer.

I started working in the Atlantis team since 2018. In all this time and with a lot of experience, I am happy to continue working with Dr. Rana. He is an excellent person and I am here to help him in everything the client needs and be happy.

Nurse Melinna Jiménez with per-experience in IV and general hospital assistance. Also Mel has done training and is doing ongoing training in Administration and home care.

Nurse Melina Jiménez, was born in the canton El Empalme-Guayas, currently lives in the Cantón Santa Elena.

I have a certificate of "Nursing Assistant" and I done my internship at the Cristo Redentor Clinic, Santa Martha Clinic and at the ESMA Basic Hospital with rotation in the hospitalization and emergency area.

I started working with the Atlantis Team in 2018 in a rotating schedules while he evaluated my love of nursing and my skill level.

Now I will be one of those in charge of administering the IV therapies and being aware of the client's health. I also oversee the website and online comments in Spanish.

In these last months I have learned a lot and I am receiving training for the correct use and procedures of the different therapies that we offer.

I am very happy to continue working with the Atlantis team and provide my knowledge.


Karina Coello-Rana NP. Nurse

Owner-operator of Salinas Spa - Staff and accounts Co-Coordinator

• Handling all International & National Fund Transfer
• Face to Face Translator
• Greet and meet person

Karina is the women behind the founder, the wife of Dr Pablo.

Trained and capable of filling in for all staff, she has also completed her Nursing Schooling.

Karina oversees the implementation of the company’s policies. She is also human services, looking after staffs needs and employing as well as ensuring all client’s special needs are met. Karina often joins Pablo as a greet and meet person for our many international client arrivals.

Feel free to email Karina ( Put Attention Karina) in the subject, if you have anything you want or need before you arrive, that can add to the comfort of your stay.


José Humberto Perez

Hello my name is José Perez, Venezuelan and Professional chef, this is my second year working with the great family of Atlantis Salud Spa, I have 16 years of experience working in kitchen and as manager in restaurants in Venezuela and here in Ecuador, between they are the American embassy in Caracas-Venezuela, the restaurant Sottovoce of the Eurobuilding hotel and Casa Quebecua in Montañita-Ecuador.

• I look after the international travelers to Atlantis meals.
• I am a qualified Massage Therapist in remedial relaxation Massage.
• I have now completed my Massage schooling and have completed many massages. I am now training with Dr Pablo to understand pain massage and mobility support.

Dr. Pablo has given me the opportunity to be part of this team, over a year ago and in 2019 to be able to contribute my knowledge in the area of nutrition, production and logistics. Our responsibility and commitment to the client is so important, that we are always in constant Training in all areas, to provide a first class service.

I speak and understand English basics. I do my best to improve every day. I have learned a lot in the company in all aspect, it has helped me grow as a human being.

Everything is possible in this life, the time of God is perfect.


Dayanna Meneses

Hello, my name is Dayanna Meneses, I am Venezuelan and mother of two children. This is my second year working at Atlantis Salud Spa. I am the certified person to do colon irrigation therapies, foot Spa and radio frequency.

I am learning English to have a better communication with you and to be able to offer you a good service, it is for me a pleasure to be able to contribute in the welfare of your health.

I also Co-Ordinate the home cleaners for the international guests and like all the staff at Atlantis, we are keen to give 5 out of 5 service.


Bailey's Rana

A friend in need is a friend indeed. I am here to give kisses and hugs. I will find that smile when you are feeling down. If you are well behaved and eat all your veggies, I will let you take me for walks.

• I will protect you and keep you safe.
• I will give you unconditional love, respect and hugs...>



Casual - Part Time on call at Atlantis

Ultrasound Specialist

Casual - Part Time on call at Atlantis

Sally Andrade

Australian Phone and website support

Medical Notice

Consult your physician for any medical advice. If you believe you have a medical emergency please see your physician immediately or dial 911.


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