Cesium Therapy for Cancer – CESIUM HIGH pH Therapy for Cancer

I am going to discuss High pH therapy also referred to as Cesium Therapy. In addition to cesium, there are another important 14 minerals that are needed to safely do this therapy orally or by IV. In this article it is mainly talking about the IV treatment of the Alternative Cancer Therapy Cesium HIGH PH THERAPY or CESIUM THERAPY.

Before we start, let me strongly pass on a message from all the Doctors and team at Atlantis Salud Spa. This therapy when done correctly we believe produces results that can only be described as more then promising.
HOWEVER we would also point out that a slight error! too much and you risk death and too little and you risk missing the opportunity to get a result, because you can only do this therapy once or twice before the build-up of cesium in your body is too high and your body rejects it. Because of this, this is a therapy we start between the third week and the third month, depending on your condition, the urgency and if you choose our clinic or at home with your own doctor ordering bloods. We alsp point out, we have never had a problem with safety with cesium and our instructions and never had a death as a result of any treatment or therapy.

Be safe and be careful please.
Only do this therapy with someone that has experience and worked with someone else for many years as we have 15 years in the industry and have used Cesium High pH Therapy for 10 or more of those years.

Top 10 Alternative Cancer Therapies

That brings us to the consideration of the 5 most popular Alternative IV Therapies used by many people with cancer who have a medical supporting doctor.

• IV Laetrile Vitamin B-17
• IV Vitamin C
• IV Ozone Treated Blood
• Medical Grade Hemp etc.
• IV Cesium Chloride aka High pH Therapy

The question most have is which one is better?
The answer to this question is that, it would depend on the stage in which the cancer is and other underlying conditions of the patient. After careful consideration, blood and specialist reviews, let’s say we look at High PH Therapy also referred to also as Cesium Chloride Therapy.

It is often used for late stage cancers and stage four. This is not a preference of any clinic to recommend just High PH Therapy. Most people with advanced cancer look harder at alternative therapies when the traditional treatments have failed. So let’s look into IV Cesium Chloride Therapy. You can do it orally or IV, however the oral has many limitations. The amount you can take, possibly nausea as the acid lining of the stomach doesn’t like the High PH Product cesium and it can burn your tummy. The cesium has a 30 day ½ life, so getting the amounts needed into your body the first time is important, because you get to a point you can no longer take more cesium in… your body rejects it.

Background of Cesium Treatment:

It was firstly proposed by Aubrey Keith Brewer Ph.D. It is a reliable therapy that is FDA approved quoted by Dr. Hans Napier (AMA ARTICLE worth reading-http:// www.whale.to/vaccine/quotes2.html) and backed with series of test on Mice and Humans as well from Article by Dr. A. Keith Brewer, Ph.D.
Why it is so effective?

According to the Article by Dr. A. Keith Brewer, Ph.D.:
• As the spectrographic and isotopic studies have shown that the uptake of Rubidium (Rb), Potassium (K) and particularly CESIUM (Cs) is very significant by the cancer cells. This uptake can also be enhanced by Vitamin A and C (Ascorbic Acid) as well as salt of Zinc (Zn) and Selenium (Se). This uptake of Cesium (Cs) by the cell increases the pH to 8 thus limiting the life span of cancerous cell; abnegate it from dividing by mitosis.

Results and Benefits:

You will be amazed by its results and benefits as mentioned in the Pamphlet by Dr. A. Keith Brewer, Ph.D.:

• Test was conducted on Mice, Cesium and Rubidium taken by Mice, showed significant disappearance and shrinkage of tumor cells in just 2 weeks.
• A test conducted on 30 humans, it’s pleasing to see that the result were in accordance with the former test on mice. In each case the tumor was disappeared. Even the pain and associated affects of Cancer were disappeared in 12 to 36 hours.
• The results are 10 times better then taking orally.
• The IV avoids the tummy acid and there for is more effective.
• Since the areas in different parts of the world including; Arizona, Hunza Valley; Pakistan , Central and South America have foods and soils enrich with nutritional substances including significant amount of Cesium has substantiate the results as Cancer Ratio in these areas are less, cited from Article by Dr. A. Keith Brewer, Ph.D.

My interview with DrPablo at Atlantis

Since DrPablo has 15 years of excellence and kahuna (expertise). On accounts of such dedication and experience his own suggestion is no less than the above discussion that High pH Therapy aka IV Cesium Therapy has shown great results.
He however does things a little different. Instead of relying on the cesium treatment alone, Mr Rana combines cesium treatment with the other TOP 4 CANCER TREATMENTS to give the cancer patient the best possible outcome. This has seen his patients in some cases getting well and back to normal lives, and others having much longer to live and less pain.
That’s all a good doctor or practitioner can asks for.
• 15 years of using these targeting cancer therapies: IV Cesium Treatment aka High PH Therapy combines also with Returned Ozone Treated Blood IV, IV Vitamin C Therapy, Vitamin B-17 also called IV Laetrile, IV Medical Grade Hemp and DMSO combines also with other therapies at the Atlantis Salud Spa S.A. Ecuador such as;

The above are referred to as targeted therapies; they are then complemented with
• Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
• Massage using local Massage Therapists
• Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging
• Q2 Energy Spa
• Stress and emotional Support
• Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
• Colonic Hydro-Therapy
• Live blood viewing
• The Garson coffee enema protocol
• The eat to your blood type Diet
These above are the complementary therapies, they are life force and energy increasing therapies that help the client survive the journey and enhance the therapies and in some cases increase appetite and reduce pain. REF DrPablo

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